#Tu código apesta ##Y le voy a oler las vergüenzas
![Calidad del código](./img/code_quality_2.png "Calidad del código") [XKCD](https://xkcd.com/1695/)
![Quesos](./img/quesos.jpg "Quesos") [Wikimedia](https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:00903_Beskider_K%C3%A4se_aus_Ziegenmilch_2013;_Goat%27s-milk_cheeses_from_Poland.JPG)
## La calidad facilita: * Legibilidad * Limpieza * Simpleza * Compresión * Independencia
![Coste de la seguridad](./img/cost_security.png "Coste de la seguridad") [Microsoft](https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sdl/about/benefits.aspx)
> Although I own the book, and I've read it twice, I felt it was too prescriptive – if you see (x), then you must do (y). > Any programmer worth his or her salt should already be refactoring aggressively. > It's so essential to the craft that if you have to read a book to understand how it works, you probably shouldn't be a programmer in the first place. [Coding Horror / Jeff Atwood](https://blog.codinghorror.com/code-smells/)
## Nadie escapa a... # SonarQube
## CPython ![Métricas CPython](./img/cpython.png "Métricas CPython") *20/10/2017* [SonarCloud](https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=cpython)
## Bash ![Métricas Bash](./img/bash.png "Métricas Bash") *18/10/2017* [SonarCloud](https://sonarcloud.io/dashboard?id=bash)
# Vergüenzas de CPython
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/1.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/2.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/3.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/4_1.png "Olor de CPython") ![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/4_2.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/5.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/6.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/7.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/8.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/9.png "Olor de CPython")
![Olor de CPython](./img/olores_cpython/10.png "Olor de CPython")
# Vergüenzas de Bash
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/1.png "Olor de Bash")
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/2.png "Olor de Bash")
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/3.png "Olor de Bash")
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/4.png "Olor de Bash")
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/5.png "Olor de Bash")
![Olor de Bash](./img/olores_bash/6.png "Olor de Bash")
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